This was, sadly, our last day in Barcelona. We slept in, checked out of the hotel at around noon, and then went to walk around the old quarter one last time. We ended up wandering down to the port. Those ships you see on the right were part of some big race.
A random old quarter street.
We also went through the Museum of Pre Columbian art. It was a small museum, but all of thier pieces were extraordinary. I got a few pictures before a guard (presumably) told me to stop taking pictures. Whoops.

This is some kind of music hall.
Overall we both loved Barcelona. I like it more than any city I have ever visited, save Rome. The extravagant amount of Roman ruins in that city gives it a slight edge over Barcelona for me, but only slight. It is an amazing city and I highly recommend everyone visit. We later gott a ride to the airport and flew to Granada. It was a little worrisome for a while, as when we left the airport in Granada at like 10pm there were no taxis waiting. Fortunately, some came and we were able to get a ride to our fantastic hotel in Granada. Pics from the first day there forthcoming shortly.


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