Madrid Day 2

Well, after not sleeping at all on the plane, we really slept in this morning. I didn't get up until almost noon. Not like me at all (at least on vacation!) After getting going, we decided to just kind of wander around some. We first walked down Gran Via, one of the main streets in the city. The architecture is amazing.We eventually ended up near the Prado, which is closed on Mondays. We plan on seeing it tomorrow. We went through the botanical gardens, which were very nice.
It was a very pleasant reprieve from the traffic and heat. Did I mention it's hot here? Not brutally hot, but it is certainly hot. Bearable in the shade, but in the sun it's rough.

We then walked over the Parque del Buen Retiro, or Park of the Pleasant Retreat. And so it was. It is a huge park, and we had a nice time strolling around it.

One of the major features is a nice lake where you can rent rowboats. There is also a huge monument to King Alfonso XII.
We then took the metro back to or hotel to take a break before going back out to have tapas. More later.


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