Lindau, Germany

Before going into Lindau we drove up the mountain, during which time we went into Austria.

I don't read German, so...

You can see the island of Lindau in the upper left of this map. The ridge top we are on is the red dot (I assume).

Still snow up here.

The alps.

That's Lindau there left of the evergreen tree.

See the lighthouse on the left side of the island? We'll see it again below.


You can see the lighthouse easier in this one.

See the big red and white antenna on the ridge? That's where we were in the above pictures.

Zoomed in as much as possible.

The lighthouse and lion of the harbor of Lindau.

Lindau is a beautiful, charming city set on the Bodensee (Lake Constance). The old town is on an island, the only access to with (not counting a boat) are one railroad bridge and one car bridge. It has a beautiful preserved old town. It seems like a nice place to spend a week, particularly if you could afford to stay in one of the many nice hotels on the waterfront.

The waterfront.

Mangturn, Lindau, Germany

Old city Lindau.

Every city has a Fashing tree, and this is the freaky one that Lindau has. It frankly scares me a little.

The happy smiling fish do cheer it up a little.


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