Rincon is Cool

Long story short, Rincon is really cool.  There is, really not a whole lot to do that is not ocean related.  They are famous for surfing and the like.  I don't surf, and am not a fan of swimming in the ocean (do you know what lives in there?) but even so, I really liked it.  It's a very laid back kind of town, and every body seems to live and let live there.

Down near the hotel was this small marina which had long since had the sand close off its access to the sea.  I can't imagine that made the locals really happy.
I am sad to say that we didn't try this place until our last full day there.  This is called Steps Quick Lunch.  Steps is the name of one of the beaches, and this place is on the short spur to the beach.  They sold empanadas, which were pretty good, and also the ubiquitous PR snack food pinchos, which is grilled meat on a stick.  We tried the steak and the chicken and they were both amazing.  At $14, it was the cheapest and one of the best meals we had there.
Rincon is also famous for its sunsets.  We unfortunately had clouds a lot when we were there, but saw a couple of pretty good ones anyway.
This place is called Club Nautico, which I imagine made more sense before the marina pictured above, which it is right next to, was blocked.  Now the bar on the first floor is called Joe's Bar, and it was a great place to eat.  Not cheap, exactly, but not bad, and with excellent food.  Also, Medallas (the local PR beer) are $1.50 all day every day.  We ate here a lot since it was right next to the hotel and really good.  If you ever get to Rincon you should try it.
We spent one morning on the beach.  This is just the beach nearest the hotel.  The closed marina shown above is right behind the trees in the background.  As you can see, we had the beach entirely to ourselves all morning.  This beach was fairly rocky, but the ones farther south are more sandy, we were told.  As you can see, it's not the classic, white sand, shallow water Gulf Coast beach, although I think those do exist in other parts of PR.  But it was clean, and you can have one all to yourself!
This is the view the other direction. Note the clouds.  It rained every afternoon we were there, but what are you going to do, it's the tropics?
Another sunset picture.
Every evening at sunset we went up to this very nice park at the lighthouse.  This was a really nice, well maintained park, and there were a good number of other people there doing the same thing.
This is a view from the park.
This is called Domes Beach, and it's supposed to be one of the best for surfing.  You may not be able to see them, but there are people there surfing.  The dome you see is from a proposed nuclear plant, which was found to be located on a fault after it was built.  I think there are plans to turn it into a museum at some point.
This is Mona Island, which is located between PR and the island of Hispanola (split between Haiti and the Dominican Republic).  It is 41 miles off shore.  There is supposed to be really good fishing there.  Next time in PR I would really like to do some fishing.


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