Today L went shopping without me. I lazed around in the morning, and for lunch I headed down to the Buckhorn Tavern. This place was very close to our apartment, and bills itself as the oldest saloon in Texas. The name comes from the legend that the original owner would trade either a shot of whiskey or a beer for deer antlers. As you can tell, the strategy worked, as the walls are covered with stuffed animals of all kinds. The marble and wood bar is original, and very cool. This place had good food and beer at good prices. I recommend it, for the ambience if nothing else. Of course, if you are a staunch ASPCA member, you might want to avoid it.

After lunch, we decided to go check out the Tower of the Americas. This is a large, 750 foot observation tower built for the 1968 World's Fair. In addition to the amazing view from the top, you also get to view a "4-D" film showing highlights of Texas. it was pretty fun, the seats moved, it blew wind and water in your face at times, that kind of thing.

Here are some shots from the observation deck, 750 feet up.

In the lower center of that bottom photograph you can see the roof of The Alamo.

After dinner at Casa Rio, which is an excellent restaurant by the way, we walked up the see The Alamo at night. Wow, it looks dramatic at night.

After that, it was time to stroll home. Tomorrow, we plan to go see the historic King William historic area south of downtown.


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