Market day

After a lazy morning, we headed down to A Taste of San Antonio, which was being held at Market Square, which is apparently a very old market. We decided that since there were so many street vendors we would eat on the street instead of at a formal restaurant. Wow, were we glad we did. The best thing we had was gorditas.
They were all made right there, with one woman making the casings, grilling and then frying them, and the other woman filling them. We had chicken and bean and cheese, all with hot sauce and guacamole. They were really amazing. We had some other things too, good tamales and fajita tacos, but the gorditas were the standouts. Note the line at the gordita stand; there was always a line there, which is why we chose it.

We also saw a really cool Tejada band, all the members of which wore classic Mexican wrestling masks. How awesome it that?
We saw the wrestling masks for sale, and I still wonder if I should have bought one. What I did buy was a guayabera shirt that I really like. Those of you that know me will no doubt see it soon enough. I might buy more. I like them, they are the original camp shirts.

Here are some pictures of the market.

All in all, it was a very fun day. We stopped at an Irish pub on the way home for a mid-afternoon snack, so there was no need for dinner.


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