The Alamo

Today we got up relatively early and walked down to The Alamo.
We were smart to get there early, because there were very few people there. What I didn't know is that what people usually call The Alamo, pictured above, was really just the church for the large mission that was around it. Much of that original property is now under modern San Antonio, but some of the more significant buildings are still extant, such as the church and the long barracks. Even though a lot of the mission is now destroyed, the site consists of beautiful grounds and several buildings some of which contain very interesting displays on the history of the site.
The grounds.
This is currently a research library.
This is the long barracks. This is one of the original buildings, and has some very interesting displays inside.
Here is another view of the long barracks.

This is a monument in Alamo Plaza, which would have originally been inside the compound.

We also got to hear a really good lecture by one of the staff giving some history of The Alamo. It was really good, since he was a good speaker and it is an interesting story.

After chilling at the apartment for a bit, we decided to head back to La Villita, which is a little historic district that has been converted to shops. While I was not really interested in the shopping, there were some very cool old houses.

After shopping for a while, we had a couple of drinks at Dick's Last Resort, a bar and grill on the river. I liked this place, it had a good vibe and big beers.


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