Day 3: The long route home

After sleeping in, we packed to leave for home. On the way out of town we stopped at the promising-looking Hi-Way Diner, which we had seen before. After some slow service we got our food, which was good.

We had decided to take the scenic route home, and headed south to Beatrice, NE (stress the second syllable to see Homestead National Monument. We weren't really sure what to expect here, but it is very nice. One of the buildings is new and very cool.

The displays in this building, as well as the short documentary film they show, were very well done.

L took the car from this building to the other, and I walked the short (.4 mile) trail to the other building.
The tall grass prairie.

A panorama of the homestead.

A little log cabin that had been moved from another location in the same county.

Here's a detail of the end cuts used, as this can be regionally diagnostic. Homestead is an excellent monument, and you can get a good overview and history of the entire homesteading process.

We continued to take the scenic route home, heading down state highways on the way back. The area around Atichison, KS was really beautiful, I must say. Beautiful rolling hills, some nice woods, and close to the river. This must be an excellent place to live if you have a job nearby. It's too far to drive into KC, though. We made an uneventful trip home. We were smart enough to come back on Sunday, so we still had Memorial Day off to recuperate.


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