Today was the day we had our cooking class. We had the full day course at A Lot of Thai and it was fantastic. Yui, the instructor, was very helpful, and walked us through all of the dishes. The class is taught in her home, so the size is small, with a maximum of 8 people, so you can really get individual attention if you need it.

You start of by her showing you how to do things, then you go back to your station (which each person has) and cooking the dish yourself. They you eat it. We made three dishes in the morning, Green Curry Chicken, Chicken Stir Fry, and Pad Thai, all of which came out great.

Then, you take a break and she takes you on a tour of a local market near their home. She shows you a bunch of different ingredients and the like. This market was a real, local market where regular Thai people shop. Things were so cheap there, and other than our group, I saw one other farang, which was pretty cool. I took some great pictures, too, which I will share when I get back.

After lunch, we made Tom Yum Gong, the famous spicy Thai soup with shrimp, spring rolls, and sticky rice with mango, which is a popular dessert here. It was all fabulous. If you are very nice to me, perhaps I will make you something when I get back. First I need to make a big shopping trip to the Chinese market, though, to get some ingredients. All in all it was a great day. I came back, had my last Cuban cigar, and relaxed for a while. Now it is time for one last visit to the Night Bazaar before we fly back to Bangkok tomorrow and then home Thursday. Like I said, I will post a bunch of pictures when I get back.




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