Day 9: Rest day

Another beautiful day. We decided to take it easy, since the next day was the Elephant Nature Park. After a leisurely breakfast, we did some shopping along the main road. L bought some jewelry, which is big here, particularly silver

We had lunch at a really good Middle Eastern place called Jerusalem Falafel. It was a nice change of pace from Thai food, which is excellent, of course, but we felt like a break from it. I had the special, which was an excellent eggplant moussaka while L had an excellent chicken dish. The hummus and pita was really good as well. The pita was a lot thicker and breadier than we are used to, but it was really fresh and delicious. It was obviously homemade.

Didn't really do much else that day. Shopped a little more. I had another Cuban on the porch, and we had dinner at The Good View, one of the restaurants near the hotel. It was really good and did, indeed, have a good view.

Some random pics.

A cool Wat we visited in Chiang Mai. Probably more pics of this one to come.

Another river shot.
People living along the river in CM.Broken signpost.
Crumbling stupa.

I didn't know this until I started doing research for the trip, but Red Bull actually started in Bangkok. Here's what it looks like there. Tastes exactly the same, except it's not carbonated. Oh yeah, and a bottle is like 13 baht, or about a 40 cents. Of course, this bottle is clearly labeled 10 baht on the bottom right. Baht is the one word I learned how to recognize. Must be the 7-11 markup.Silly, I know, but one of the things I enjoy while traveling is trying local potato chip flavors. Here is nori seaweed. Not bad, but not my favorite. Also, I am pretty sure the first two are Lay's brand.

The most interesting were these-hot chili squid. They were...interesting. Not great, but better than I thought they might be.These are crab curry flavored, and I actually really liked these. This was by far the best flavor I tried while I was there.
Tomorrow: Elephant Nature Park, a highlight of the trip.


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