Well, that is one heck of a flight. From our front door to the motel in Bangkok was just over 30 hours, and it felt like every second of it. We made it, though.

So far we have not done a whole lot. The first day we went to the huge MBK mall and shopped, then after a great lunch in the food court we went to see Jim Thompson's house. He was an American OSS agent that stayed in Bangkok after WWII and revived the Thai silk trade. He had an amazing house (six houses, actually) right on the canal. It consisted of several old traditional Thai houses that he had brought in and rebuilt in place. It was a great tour.

Today we went to the Chatachak market, said to be one of the largest markets in Asia, if not the largest. I certainty believe it. This place was enormous. It had everything from fighting roosters, to rabbits to furniture to, well, pretty much anything. Of course it was crowded and hectic and hot. Did I mention it's hot here? It's in the 90s everyday. I can't imagine coming here in summer.

After a rest at the hotel we tried to go to this famous fried chicken place. Of course the cabbie didn't know where it was, and was only interested in taking us to his friends place, or to get a suit made or the like. After not finding the place and turning down numerous offers for other things, we had him simply take us back to the hotel. Lesson learned, I guess. On the plus side the whole fiasco only cost about 2 bucks, so really a cheap lesson I guess. On the other hand, getting around on the skytrain has been great.

I can't really post pictures here, since I'm in an Internet cafe, so I will post a longer description of this trip, including pictures, when we get back. Tomorrow we are going to the Grand Palace, which will include our first ride on the river. Should be fun. Later.


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