25 years is a lot, right? Anniversary Trip Day 3 Biltmore

Sorry for the long delay in putting these up. Since only two people read this, I don't have a great sense of urgency.

Today was the actual day of our 25th wedding anniversary, so congratulations to us I guess.  Day 3 was mostly involved with traveling from Nashville, Tennessee to Asheville, North Carolina, for a stay at The Inn on Biltmore. After a tiring rainy drive, we arrived at the hotel and checked in. This is a swanky hotel located (obviously) on the Biltmore estate. This is not the Biltmore house itself, it's actually a couple miles away (It's a large property. You know, an estate. As in an estate by a Vanderbilt, not a 5 acre property called an estate). It is extremely nice, as you would expect given the location and price. This is the more expensive of the two hotels on the estate. In addition to staying there for three nights, we also had our anniversary dinner at The Dining Room, the nice restaurant there at the hotel. It was a fantastic meal, and we both enjoye…

25 years is a lot, right? - Anniversary Trip, Day 2 Natchez Trace, Jackson to Nashville

I really feel for the folks that had to walk from New Orleans to Nashville and on to Kentucky or wherever. Something close to 500 miles by road just from Natchez to Nashville. Even if you figure 20 miles per day (which is optimistic for a party on foot), that's still 25 days.

Anyway, we started out on our drive. If you don't know, no commercial vehicles are allowed on the Trace, and the speed limit is 50 mph. It's pretty scenic throughout, even the parts you might not expect to be. The NPS has done an excellent job of preserving the viewshed of the Trace.

We didn't stop a lot in the morning, since we had a lot of miles to cover. We first came to French Camp.

This was a park that was said to be among the highest points in Mississippi.

There was another segment of old trace.

We then came to Bynum Mounds

We also stopped at Pharr Mounds.

And Bear Creek Mound.

25 years is a lot, right? - Anniversary Trip Day 1 Poverty Point, Lunch at King's Tavern, and Natchez Trace

So Lorna and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary last week with a trip to Asheville, North Carolina, and Townsend, Tennessee. This was a road trip for us, and we took L's car, since it is newer than my outback, and has a lot less miles on it. It did great.

Poverty Point is a large Archaic periodmound site in northeastern Louisiana.

The largest mound. 

After Poverty Point, it was on to Natchez to start the Natchez Trace.

In Natchez, Mississippi, we had lunch at King's Tavern, as one does before setting off on the Natchez Trace. I guess to really be authentic we should have gotten a  room for the night, but we still had to make Jackson before we stopped. In all seriousness, King's Tavern is awesome and you should make sure to go here if in Natchez.

After lunch, we started the Natchez Trace. Read up on this road a little if you don't know anything about it. It's pretty cool.
You pretty much immediately come to Emerald Mound. Yo…