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25 years is a lot, right? Anniversary Trip Day 3 Biltmore

Sorry for the long delay in putting these up. Since only two people read this, I don't have a great sense of urgency.

Today was the actual day of our 25th wedding anniversary, so congratulations to us I guess.  Day 3 was mostly involved with traveling from Nashville, Tennessee to Asheville, North Carolina, for a stay at The Inn on Biltmore. After a tiring rainy drive, we arrived at the hotel and checked in. This is a swanky hotel located (obviously) on the Biltmore estate. This is not the Biltmore house itself, it's actually a couple miles away (It's a large property. You know, an estate. As in an estate by a Vanderbilt, not a 5 acre property called an estate). It is extremely nice, as you would expect given the location and price. This is the more expensive of the two hotels on the estate. In addition to staying there for three nights, we also had our anniversary dinner at The Dining Room, the nice restaurant there at the hotel. It was a fantastic meal, and we both enjoye…