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More San Juan

We had a great time in San Juan. As always, the food was great. The real treat in Puerto Rico, however, is the people. Puerto Ricans are just a warm, friendly people. I encourage everyone in the US to consider Puerto Rico for your Caribbean vacation. Good food, friendly people, beautiful beaches, historic sites, what more could you ask for? It really is a great place.

Below are some random street scenes from Old San Juan (San Juan Viejo).

San Juan, Ruerto Rico

We recently returned from a trip to celebrate our 24th wedding anniversary. We spent a long weekend in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Instead of staying in Old San Juan, we decided to try something different and stayed on the beach. We stayed in the Numero Uno Guest House, which is located in the Ocean Park neighborhood in a residential area of San Juan. As you can see, the place is right on the beach. It would be impossible to get any closer.