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Tumblr page

Since I haven't posted it in a bit, you can also see more pictures at my Tumblr page, which is called (and is) random vacation pictures.

PS For those who might not know, tenfootmonster is one of my online names (and my gamertag). If you don't know what a gamertag is then you almost certainly don't care :-).

YouTube Channel

If you want to see more videos check out my youtube channel. Here is the link.

Lindau, Germany

Before going into Lindau we drove up the mountain, during which time we went into Austria.

Lindau is a beautiful, charming city set on the Bodensee (Lake Constance). The old town is on an island, the only access to with (not counting a boat) are one railroad bridge and one car bridge. It has a beautiful preserved old town. It seems like a nice place to spend a week, particularly if you could afford to stay in one of the many nice hotels on the waterfront.

Fasching in Weingarten

On Sunday we went into Weingarten, which is 2.5 miles (4 km) from Ravensburg, although as is common in the US the cities are pretty much conjoined by development. We were there for the big parade for the finale of Fasnet (also called Fashing and Fastnach I think). It's the typical 'big celebration before Ash Wednesday' that is common in many Christian cultures (e.g. Mardi Gras).

This was a huge parade, lasting almost three hours. It was easily the highlight of the trip for me. All the different costumes are amazing (and apparently very expensive, figures in the thousands were bandied around). They parade as groups through the streets. The groups usually have a theme, and almost everyone is wearing an elaborately carved mask. These masks were amazing.

Words really can't do it justice so I'm going to post a couple of videos.

Each group would be based on a certain theme, but they were all subtly different, too. I'm sure if I knew German (or Swabian, more likely) …