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Video of People Walking By

While waiting outside a shop, I decided to just film people walking by for a couple of minutes.  Ok, look, I'm not Francis Ford Coppola, alright?  I never claimed to be.  YouTube link.

Random Venice Pictures


Video of Piazza San Marco (St. Mark's Square)

Here's a link to a video of St. Mark's Square I posted to YouTube.

Venice Part 2

One of the first things we did in Venice was to visit the Naval History Museum in Venice.  This was a really cool museum.  Given that Venice was a major world power for several hundred years, and the navy had a lot to do with this, and given that the city is on the water, naval operations have been of major importance throughout the history of the city.

First off was these cool, huge anchors outside. 
The museum had many scale ship models.  These depicted all kinds of ships, even dating back to galleys and other ancient ship types.

Near the museum is also the entrance to the Arsenale, which was the shipyard where the ships were made.  It's still an active naval base, so you can't go in, but you can see the very cool towers that once held the gates.

The lion above was taken as a war prize from somewhere in Greece if I remember correctly.  There was a display on it in the museum showing how it has viking runes carved into the side of it.  Quite a few in fact.  They were added l…

Grand Canal Ride Link

To see a longer ride on the Grand Canal, including the famous Rialto Bridge, go to this link

Vaporetto Ride on the Grand Canal

Hi Everyone,
I forgot to post anything last night.  So to compensate, here is a video of a ride on the vaporetto along the Grand Canal.  This was our first ride when we were just getting to Venice.  I have a lot of videos, but unfortunately Blogger has a 100 MB file size limit.  Perhaps I'll put some on YouTube and post links.  More words about and pictures of Venice to come soon.

Venice Part 1

On Monday the 24th we took the train to Venice.  Train travel in Italy is great. It's cheap and the trains pretty much go everywhere.  The second class seats are large and comfortable.  I can't imagine paying for the first class seats, as I can't think of what would make them worth the extra expense.  Anyway, we arrived in Venice that afternoon.

Venice is incredibly photogenic.  It's also a lot larger than I had thought.  It's not huge, by any means, but it was larger than I had expected.  There are no cars in Venice, so it makes walking around the city much safer and more enjoyable than many places I have been.  I was also very surprised at how clean it was.  The streets are clean, and graffiti is minimal.  They must spend a great deal of time and effort cleaning the streets.

Venice is also a very well run city, probably the most well run I have been to in Italy.  This is likely due to the massive amount of tourist traffic the town gets.  The vaperettos (public wa…