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Random Pictures from PR

Fish and pelican at the marina in Ponce. The interior of the old church at St German.  Said to be the second oldest church in the western hemisphere.  I assume they mean 'Christian' church when they say this, otherwise I think some Native Americans might have something to say about that claim...  Sunset at Lighthouse Park in Rincon.
 The fire truck at Las Bombas in Ponce.
 A market in San Juan.
 The sun sets over El Morro.
 The cathedral in Old San Juan.
 Another El Morro sunset picture.

Driving to San Juan

I apologize for the length of time it is taking me to get this done.  I have had an upper respiratory infection since I returned, and have been mostly sleeping.  That said, here goes.

After three extremely pleasant days in Rincon it was time to head back to the big city.  We drove Highway 2 back to San Juan.  Along the way we stopped at a grocery store and picked up some crackers and cheese for lunch.  We sat in the parking lot of the supermarket and looked at the sea while we ate.  Here is the view.
Yep, in PR even the supermarkets have nice views.

We made it to San Juan with no problems, turned the rental car in, and took a cab to our hotel.  Our hotel was Villa Herencia a very charming small hotel half a block from the main cathedral in San Juan Viejo (Old San Juan).  The location could not have been better.  This is the central courtyard.

 The next day we took a very fun market tour with Flavors of San Juan.  This was a great tour.  Our guide not only took us to the market and explain…