Ponce Museum of Art

We also went to the Ponce Museum of Art, designed by Arkansas' own Edward D. Stone.  Personally, I think the building is butt ugly, but that's just me, YMMV.
 That said, it is a fantastic museum, one of the best I have visited. It's not huge, but it is very well organized and have a fantastic collection.   They have a very extensive collection of works by Emilio Sanchez, who I was not familiar with, but now am a huge fan of.

We were allowed to take pictures without flash, so here is a picture by E Sanchez.  As you can see he was primarily concerned with the interaction of light with objects in the environment.

We also went down and saw the coast.  There were brown pelicans there, and some very large fish.  I don't know what kind they were, but the one in this picture is about three feet long.
Overall, Ponce was fine.  It was not the greatest place we visited in PR, but we are glad we went.  In retrospect, two nights (instead of the three we spent) would have been plenty, but we are glad we went there.  The people there (and in PR in general) are super friendly, and are always happy for people to visit their island.  Also, the food there is amazing.  Speaking of food, there is an old ice cream place in Ponce called King Cream where we went for ice cream every day. It was amazing and have flavors such as tamarind, coconut, and parcha, or passionfruit.  I highly recommend the parcha.  In fact, I recommend getting anything parcha-flavored you see in PR.

Next, the drive to Rincon and the west coast.


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