Ostia Antica general pictures

This is a area of huge buried jars.
This is what the jars look like out of the ground. There's no scale, so it's hard to tell, but these thing are almost 6 feet tall.
This is the Temple of Hercules. That's a statue of him there, and the square thing next to him is an original altar from the temple.
This is a large device for grinding wheat. It was located in a large bakery complex.
Roman baths were heated by pumping hot air through pipes in the walls and floors. If you look carefully you can see some pipes in this wall. I guess I'm a dork because I got excited upon seeing these and took like 10 pictures of these pipes. I'll spare you and just put this one :-).
Just a general street view. One of the reasons I likes Ostia more than Pompeii was that at Ostia you are much more free to just walk around the buildings. There are a lot more you can go into and explore, and in general a lot more freedom of movement around the site.
More awesome mosaics.


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