Monday Shopping

Monday we took it easier. Almost all museums are closed on Monday, so it's a good day to just wander the historic center, which we did. This is the Turtle Fountain in the center of the former Jewish Ghetto area, which was right across the river from our B&B.
This is the Arch of Tolomei. The matching building and the arch date to at least 1358. Our B&B was right behind this.
This is the Pantheon, of course. It is one of the best preserved ancient buildings in the world, and is a phenomenal place to visit. We went here several times during our stay.
This is the Column of Marcus Aurelius. Near here is a cigar shop that I tried multiple times to visit, but could never catch open.
Here's an interior shot of the Pantheon.
Well, that's all for now. I am not feeling well (I think I may have caught something on the plane ride back) so I may not post again today. When I am feeling better I'll post about the rest of our trip.


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