Day 2: Cigars and baseball and quilts.

Today, after braving the annoying crowd at the free breakfast, we headed out. There was a little league baseball tournament in town, and our hotel was full of young (junior high age) baseball players and their families. The kids were, on the whole, well-behaved; it was the parents who were the annoying ones, really.

Our destination was the farmer's market held in the Haymarket District just south of the University of Nebraska's main campus.

The market was crowded and pretty cool. It was more like a craft market than a farmer's market, really, but I bet this changes as it gets later in the year. The guy at Bad Robot (great store, check it out) said that the market would expand onto another street the next weekend.

The booths here were the usual kind of thing, with a couple of exceptions. First, the longest line I saw there was for a woman selling egg rolls. The line was long enough when we first got there that we didn't want to stand in it. I did later when I noticed it was shorter. They were OK egg rolls, but not worth the line, to be honest. Another lady was selling Taiwanese-style noodles, but by the time we went back to get some (we weren't hungry at all) they were gone. That made me very sad, because I am certain that they were delicious, and taught me a lesson I will try not to forget.

There was some other neat stuff there, too, like a train.

And this amazing brick train mural.

After touring the farmer's market for a while we split up. L went to the International Quilt Study Center & Museum, which she could not say enough great things about. This place is the main reason we came to Lincoln, and after hearing her talk about it I wished that I had gone too. She could not say enough great things about it, and we are planning to return when the revolving exhibit changes in the fall.

I walked all over downtown Lincoln looking for a place where I could drink beer and smoke a cigar at the same time. I was at first going to go to the famous Zoo Bar, which we had been to when in Lincoln before. However, it being Saturday around noon, Zoo Bar was closed, so I hiked all over downtown looking for a place, eventually ending up back at Haymarket at a place called Brewski's. I got a nice seat on the large covered porch and settled in. After a while, just enough time to have a couple of beers and smoke my cigar, L joined me.

After chilling at the hotel for a while, we went out to see the Lincoln Saltdogs play the Wichita Wingnuts (has there ever been a more appropriate name?). It was a great little ball park, and we were able to walk up and get tickets ($11.25 each) on the first row right behind home plate. We were no more than 10 to 15 meters away form the batters. It was cool. I forgot the camera, though, so there are no pictures.


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