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Switzerland and Italy, June 2005

The plan on this trip was to meet L's best friend, in Geneva. She had already been in Europe for a week or so. The three of us would tour Switzerland, then split up, with L and I heading to Rome, and S heading to Paris. The whole concept of being able to tell a friend "OK, let's meet in Geneva at noon on July 23rd" is very cool. I recommend it.

Geneva is a beautiful city. Absolutely the cleanest place I have ever been. We were in Switzerland for five days and I never saw a single piece of paper, trash, or anything. It is a clean, efficient, well-run country. Consequently, it is expensive. Bring some money.

We flew in on Sunday morning, and the airport was deserted-we were the only people in our terminal. We took a cab (a Mercedes, which was nice) to the hotel, dropped off the bags, and went walking around the city. It was deserted-we saw maybe 10 people the first hour, but gradually people started showing up.

One of the big attractions …